Comment: I can imagine that Obama was

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I can imagine that Obama was

I can imagine that Obama was a flaming hippie in college, which is something he doesn't want people to know. After all, there is hardcore evidence that he was for nuclear disarmament. He was likely a huge socialist as well....I would have found this a positive, but there is some evidence to suggest that in college, he was a strong anti-war individual who blamed the US for its meddlings in Vietnam and Korea, accused the US of creating the Soviet Union, and attacked Reagan's foreign policy voiciferously.

Some people understand that kids do crazy things in college. If Obama was arrested for urinating in public or something when he was 20, no big deal. That would be like hating the Pope for being part of the Hitler youth.

But many people do not understand this, and the Limbaugh's and Hannity's of the world would harden people's heart to showing sympathy to Obama.

I mean, George W. Bush always tried to keep shut the fact that in college, he expressed his support for gay rights. Something that I wouldn't care about (and would even be a positive for him) but would have been used by the Democrats to bludgen him over the head.

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