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Just as relevant today! I

Just as relevant today! I wish RP would revive this bill. He just passed his Fed bill so it seems this could also get much support and maybe pass the house. Since the US pays >25% of the UN, it seems it could be as simple as getting a bill passed that withdraws all financial support of the UN and its many bureaus and NGOs. Seems in these tough economic times that most everyone should support keeping all our funds in the US to serve our pressing domestic crisis. Without $ from US perhaps the UN would wither away or atleast their influence on the US would wane.

As an aside, I think the JBS has been a stalwart on the most important issues, and even though I'm not normally a PC word police...I wish they would change their name to something more catchy and meaningful to the public. No one can remember who this JB guy was and when you find out it just isn't that impactful. Their name was really maligned during the last many decades and they might want to morph into something that sounds inviting to young people and is more difficult for the anti-freedom forces to attack. Maybe they should consider becoming the Freedom and Diversity group and promote all people of every color and persuasion should live in harmony, soverienty, autonomy, and respect for innate rights of life, liberty, and property. Then educate the masses that in order to achieve that we must nix the UN, NATO, NAFTA, and all the domestic regulators and freedom squashers, while upholding the laws (such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights) that protect us from government.