Comment: The pain of the reality passes after a few months

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The pain of the reality passes after a few months

it's all the OTHER stuff you learn while researching 9/11 that can really take a toll on you. However, both my wife and I took the red pill and dove down the rabbit hole and it only took us about 6 months to "recover". We have never been happier living each day in Truth and Reality. We know what's important, we can see though propaganda in seconds and our lives are wonderful (other than we are seriously poor right now) But, it's much easier being poor now than it would have been when we were still sheeple living in a world of illusion.

I've felt like 9/11 is the KEY TRUTH that could wake up the masses and cause the Liberty Movement to EXPLODE...but most people still beleive it makes our movement look too conspiratorial. The fact is, MOST conspiracy theories that I have researched since I woke up have turned out to be mostly true. I still don't buy into aliens but I've got official documentation that supports most everything else.

Conspiracy Theory needs to be distingushed from Conspiracy FACT.

I've got lots of links, .pdf's, and movies. Let me know if you need any. :)