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Mullins died a couple years ago

He would go so far to call griffin a plagiarist. Of course, I've heard an interview of Mullins stating that Ron Paul is involved in the zionist conspiracy just as much as anyone... he said that paul was to introduce the future of going back to the gold standard now that the powers that be have confiscated and accumulated most of the gold, debased the peoples' fiat money, making their gold all that much more valuable.

In my mind, you have to read both sides of the spectrum when it comes to History and theory, then decide where you stand. I've read a lot of Mullins' stuff and I consider him the ultimate end of the spectrum when it comes to 'alternative' or 'revisionist' History.

anyone have any insight? I think the interview I was referring to was perhaps his last... I do know that I heard it through gnosticmedia, for what its worth.