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In my opinion, Gates has done more harm to the human race then all other ignorant Americans put together. All made possible by money earned by brilliance in ONE area of expertise. Shame some people can be so adept in one area and so utterly stupid in another. The only other answer to "why" he is so intent on harming the American people, is the "New Money" syndrome and gullibility. Coming from poor beginnings, the 'power' of money is more than he is capable of handling. It's gone to his head, ego. By giving hordes of money to those who are out to strip all our freedoms, he is being accepted into the Money 'd class. The mind set of the 'elite' was fostered on him and in his ignorance he swallowed it hook, line and sinker in order to gain acceptance. I saw a film clip on TV in which he and his father spoke. Sorry, but they are both so lacking in intelligence, it was almost laughable. Almost, because there's nothing funny about the threat he and his money poses to our freedom, health and our country.
Does he ACTUALLY believe he's being a humanitarian??? I find it had to believe anyone is THAT stupid!

From the article:

Microchip-Laden Drugs Given FDA Approval -- Health & Wellness --

"What are the unintended, adverse health effects of this technology? Has it been sufficiently safety-tested? These are questions that remain largely unanswered, but have already been raised in connection with other proposed RFID technologies intended to be implanted within the human body.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has recently come under criticism for their financial support of GMO agriculture, 'edible' and 'flying' vaccines, pesticide-laden traditional scarves, and other questionable technological interventions ostensibly to reduce suffering, are also prominently figured partners on the Proteus Digital Health website. "