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We must not settle for less

We must not settle for less than Jefferson's 19 ft. Think about it. We have had no one in Washington DC in more than 100 years who comes close to Ron Paul. No one stands as tall as Ron Paul does and no one comes close to the founding fathers as Ron Paul does. "I" (LOL) insist that the artistry is exquisite and must show the strength, courage, and integrity of Ron Paul. Can I approve of the artist? ;-)

This post does not have many votes and I can guess that like herding cats, there are way too many opinions as to why that is. But I think this project is doable, and I do think the amount that you indicate it would cost for a 19 ft statue is manageable.

Before we find artists who are capable of creating the most beautiful design, and before we get the artists' renditions, and before we can go further, we must have a site available. Someone said something about a Ron Paul library. Did you ever look at the old RonPaullibrary that used to be online? There would not be any shortage of Ron Paul writings. Perhaps we can find a temporary site until if and when Ron Paul has his own library.

This need not involve Ron Paul. He is too humble to approve of this. This is our project and we would make sure it would be of the very highest caliber.

What say you?