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The fundamentalists push for

The fundamentalists push for small government until the issue is the government's place in your bedroom, or your womb.

The fundamentalists push for home schooling because public school teachers aren't allowed to corral their students into an opt-out prayer session, or allowed to teach kids religion in the guise of "intelligent design".

The fundamentalist will push for smaller government only so long as church and state are separate.. but they wouldn't prefer that, would they? They figure, "Well shit, all the founders are clearly Christian, sooooooooooooooo...." Ask a fundamentalist if they even think Islam is a religion (and therefore protected by the first amendment), and if they've been listening to Herman Cain or some other bigot, they might try to tell you it's a political system rather than a religion.

As for pushing for government to not fund churches, that's not true across the board. The sort of fundamentalist who (correctly) insists that a church is not necessary for any Christian may feel as you say, but the Christian duped into the KJV's mistranslation of "congregation" to "church" would probably try to tell you that govt church funding's A-OK because "the wall between church and state does not exist".