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If you might be so kind sir...

"or if not I can remind you, of the Hit Piece published by Murray Rothbard on Spooner, Tucker, with a side note (collateral damage) on W.B. Greene."

I have not yet added that link to my political economy doc as of yet and would appreciate your energy to provide it for me once again. I never realized I was going to need to keep a file of all your links, but better late than never.

Could the trojan have been a KING in the form of 3 checks & balanced powers stated as the executive/legislative/judicial branches? After all, thou shalt not question...

But Joe, I thought we were supposed to be a Republic.

I took the Amish to town today and stopped by the Library to see if they had any Ron Paul of course not.

But I did look at the resale table, my weakness, and found books I would never had otherwise entertained:

2 were by Arnold J. Toynbee:
War and Civilization (1950)
Civilization on Trial (1948)

1 by John Carey:
Eyewitness to History (1987)

Do you think they are worth reading? Do I have to give chess answers?

1) Yes, they are great books
2) No, they are a waste of time
3) How should I know, why are you wasting my time with such trivia?