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are you familiar with the currently operative 'legal' doctrine

of "Fair Use"... at all?

You new? Grab a chair. You can search the printed US codes yourself at law school's site.

By your non-'logic,' most contents referring to news clips/media/commentary posted on DailyPaul, too 'should' be shut down; oh wait someone tried to... then FAILED:

Get with the program.

Hm. funny, I don't hear much crying.

But, my eyes do seem to be flooded with verbal non-verbals of something very odd: illogical non-sequiturs... at DailyPaul, of all places.

Want to be "principled" about it?

Go return all the copies of your own VHS tapes/DVD's/CD's that you own, that you resold on eBay, or pawnshops, or allowed your own friends to copy. Then, promptly report your self and your friends to the FBI.

No, better yet, since the FBI never does anything useful, go help them fulfill their daily govt-terrorism quota by turning yourself in, to be arrested, on behalf of their RIAA/MPAA corporatist masters, seeing as how according to the FBI if you view illegal material like childporn, it's treated as if you created it yourself.

So, seeing as how you MUST first view 'restricted' material, like the daily broadcast 'news,' to first determine that you have or have not watched it via 'authorized' means, or not, by the time you tell them that you watched 'unauthorized news,' you just admitted that you broke the 'law.' Think that's crazy? Well, "crazy" as cops charging you with "assault," for putting your elbows up to protect your skull from their blows, worse, them getting away with it, and moron sheeple in the jury actually convicting the citizenry of it.

So, Mr. Newly-minted-unauthorized-news-viewing-criminal, if you want to be truly "principled" about it, you're basically asking you to be treated by the FBI, as they'd prosecute childporn viewers. Then again, by that logic, FBI too would be pedophiles! LOL. Well, actually, that DOES make them pedophiles, as they're committing crimes themselves to catch 'criminals.' But govt statist/corporatist cultists' hypocrisy is like breathing; it's just what they do for living. So no surprise there.

lol. really? is this like 'Pre-2007 Day' at the DailyPaul, today?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul