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This is a copy of a comment posted under the ABC article.

I've always been bothered by exactly what this this poster talks about. Whoever becomes the next president will go down in history as being president when SHTF happens. My love and respect for Dr Paul causes me to constantly 2nd guess what I keep hoping for. I want RP to be President but I want the establishment to be held responsible for the tough road ahead. TPTB are evil SOB's. I sometimes feel like I'm encouraging the last true statesman this country has left to jump into a tank filled with sharks.

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While there is still Ron Paul running for the GOP nominaition, and Gary Johnson running for the Presidnecy on a "Ron Paul lite" platform on the Libertarian Party ticket, who in his right mind would even WANT to be President between 2013 and 2017? The impending bankruptcy of the country (along with many of the State and local governments, the implosion of a long-overextended and almost universally hated empire, the almost inevitable collapse of the US "dollar", either through a 1930's depression or a Weimar type hyperinflation, the utterly dysfunctional and corrupt bureaucratic kleptocracy that passes for the criminal regime in DC, ever more widely despised by the American people of all races, classes, and religions, the unresolved and ever growing difficulties in healthcare, pollution abatement, race relations, "publik skoolz", and on and on...I wouldn't want the job, and I don't think that any other clear thinking person would either! PEACE AND FREEODM!!