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MoxNews got in trouble because he...

imposes his own brand "MoxNews" over someone else's vd that he re-posted. The materials are not of his creation nor production, had he just re-post without branding it with MoxNews, they would not have bothered him. But he keeps branding and they will continue to shut him down--they want their brand credited for their vd. Superimposing of his brand/tag/label "MoxNews" on someone else's product is inappropriate at the basic level of conduct--and he keeps doing it--he's been shut down several times for branding. He put in a lot of work finding those vds; I like the materials he spent a lot of time gathering, but finding them does not give him name-credit rights. The other vds people re-post here and there do not carry the "finder's" brand.

I hope he continues to post without branding.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!