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Let us define some of your broad assertions

As has already been established fundamentalist are against abortion, and as its an issue of protecting life it should be protected against.

As far as outlawing what happens in the bedroom, what exactly do the fundi's want to outlaw, I am not talking about one that said they fantasized about outlawing, but what law have they actually pushed? Honestly a lot of the people on the left could be accursed of not leaving the bed room alone considering sex ed.

I know of a fundi (Jack Hyles), who was certainly for home schooling, but knowing that not all people could do it had a Christian school at the church. He said often that none of his teachers was certified. He would then say why should his teachers get state certification considering that the teachers with the certification could not even teach their students to read. He said his teachers were far better because they did not have state certification.

Islam is a religion, I have friends that go to the middle east to give them the gospel.

Your last paragraph shows you dont know what church and state separation is. Separation of church and state is simply the state does not fund the church, america was the first place in the west where that happened, and one of the big reasons for liberty. Heck when the founding fathers were debating the constitution they were going to have four state churches one of them being baptist, until the baptist showed up and told them that they would not be a state church, and if it passed would change the name of their churches so that they could worship God as they pleased, and trust God for their funding.
By the way I am one of those KJV fundamentalist, and I know a lot of guys with ministries that are very eligible for government funding that will not take a penny of it. I dont know a KJV fundamentalist that takes state money.