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Comment: Ron Paul is an establishment Republican

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Ron Paul is an establishment Republican

Ron Paul is known an an exception, and so are we, his heirs, Ron Paul Republicans.

In 07, I made 8 banners:
join the RON PAUL rEVOLution with my Meet-up number

A photo of the one that stayed up for 4 1/2 months in a highly visable cross roads, where HWY 20 Ends at the Pacific Ocean and meets HWY1 (PCH in SoCA) is still on my screen saver, so to me, it's rEVOLution.

The dyslexic in me sees LOVE, and that's where I'm at in this political time of my life.

3VOL to me, is for those who do not have LOVE in this rEVOLution, and that's OK.

Trust me, you don't ruffle my feathers.

YES, There is HOPE, which was Ron Paul's first motto, Obama stole that, but I have the old signs that say, Ron Paul HOPE For America, that were out long before Obama became front runner and the artist Sheppard transformed his OBAY into HOPE for Obama.