Comment: Still have bankaccounts

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Still have bankaccounts

But i have never more money on them than necessary to pay monthly recurring bills.
The rest i have in cash, gold, silver, food. Of course land, house etc is already bought and paid for. We choose a small house we could pay off instead of a large nice one.
The good thing about living in a not western country (in my case Thailand) is that gold is still recognized as having value.
Ask your typical American or European person how much a gold coin of one ounce is and you will get answers between 5US$ and 10US$. A few exceptions of course from who does know.
As an example, i just bought a second hand car and paid 90% of that in gold. The rest in paper money because another ounce would have been too much.
Bankaccounts are still convenient to use and paper money is still worth something because everyday i use it to by food. It just is not holding its value and actually looses value rather quick through inflation.
Common things like sugar, salt, coffee, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, candles, oils etc you can buy in bulk and you will be suprised how much you can save doing that. Not only is the bulk price cheaper but inflation makes those products go up in price fast. And you don;t have to go shopping for food often. Saves on gas and more importantly saves a lot of time that can be used more effectively.