Comment: This is a discussion I'd love to have.

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This is a discussion I'd love to have.

but what law have they actually pushed
Do you realize that "sodomy" laws existed in 14 states until the US supreme court struck them down in 2003? Fundamentalists throughout the history of our country have pushed for their idea of Biblical law where it is relevant to their sexually repressive culture.

Baptists even reckoned for awhile that blacks bear the mark of Cain, so it's not surprising they wouldn't be OK with interracial marriage. In fact, interracial marriage was still against the law in many states until the 60s-80s. According to Reuters, a majority of the country wasn't even OK with interracial marriage until 1993.

And then there's all that outlawing of the terrible theory of evolution. And that brings us to legislation for teaching creationism / intelligent design in school as if there were a shred of science to it.

The list goes on and on. Ron Paul's right, you can't legislate morality, but fundies have tried.

Honestly a lot of the people on the left could be accursed of not leaving the bed room alone considering sex ed.

I'm not completely sure what you were getting at with this statement.

Speaking of sex ed, though, that brings me to another kind of legislation fundies push for: abstinence-only education. In nearly every case, non-contraceptive sex ed curricula have upped the teen pregnancy rate.

This is what I mean by repressing human sexuality. You can't just tell teenagers to wait until marriage and expect your mere words alone to quell human nature. The best you can do is hand out contraceptives. Every single human on this planet shares in common that at least half their ancestry either liked or loved sex, and most of that sex has been out of wedlock.

Abstinence-only education was such a failure that 20+ states actually opted OUT of the federal funding the Bush Jr. adminisration was offering those that'd adapt it.

Separation of church and state is simply the state does not fund the church

The separation of church and state works both ways: the state can not benefit or demerit a religion, and a religion can not make the church its vehicle. Without the second half, you enable the first, and vice versa.

I won't hate on home schooling, it can certainly outperform general ed (which isn't saying much to begin with), but I do think it's sad when home schooling produces kids that hate or fear the notion of modern science.