Comment: Allegiance to party or to views?

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Allegiance to party or to views?

I think we need to keep in mind that this is one person's blog. I would bet "every nickel in my pocket" that most Libertarians realize Ron Paul is their best shot at getting a President that closely fits their political values. I think most conservative offshoot parties formed due to the lack of success of getting anything moving in the Republican party. Well, here is a chance to work within the system. Is a Libertarian only a libertarian if he votes for someone with "Libertarian" under his name in a ballot, or is a Libertarian a libertarian because of his political values? To throw your support to Ron Paul is no more ridiculous than a Democrat supporting Ron Paul, and we are seeing that happen.

Any Libertarian that doesn't vote for Ron Paul in the primaries (assuming they can in their state) is doing the Libertarians a disservice. If you think Ron Paul doesn't has a chance to get on the ballot as a Republican, what do you think the chances are for a Libertarian on the ballot to win? The Republican views have room to fit the Libertarian views, and some might argue the core Republican belief is libertarian. No, the best chance for a libertarian President is for Ron Paul to get on the ballot.

I would suggest Libertarians throw there full backing to Ron Paul and for the Libertarian party itself to concentrate on local elections.