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Father of 4

- Home birth
- Homeschool
In brief, detach from the mainstream. Do not read "pop" books about parenting. If you want a book read the bible. You will be fine. Nobody is "prepared" to have a child. If we all waited until we were ready it would never happen. Address your character defects now. Take an introspective look at yourself and list your weaknesses. Be honest about this and ask others to tell you what they see. You be tested in the next few years as demands are put upon you and best to start now in strengthening yourself.
- Be a man: I say this because it is common for men to defer parenting to the wife/mother. She will do the majority of the work to be sure. BUT, your input is critical. Take the child under your wing at EVERY opportunity. You can do that and the child will benefit immensely.
- Go outside: Nobody goes outside anymore. Don't raise an indoor child. And let the child play outside. Barefoot, climb trees, walk through creeks, play with leeches, catch frogs, smash his fingers, step on thorns, build tree forts, light matches, skin his knees, dig holes, etc. Don't buy electronic gadgets for the kid to play with. I'm serious, let the child invent his own entertainment - it will stimulate his brain. Delayed gratification teaches patience and patience is one of the greatest virtues/weapons one can possess.

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
Ron Paul