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An Appeal To Our Veterans

Ah! The annual Thunderheart viewing. I watched it myself recently. Some things never get old. I can't tell you how many times different lines come to me related to one issue or another. ("This land is not for sale" reminds me of those Maine delegates refusing to make a deal to have what is rightfully theirs to begin with.) That movie is in my blood! BTW, thank you for the time you invested in that dialogue the other day. I'd felt obligated to come to the defense of a Marine (there happens to be a Marine reservist close to my heart)... and found that you had come to my defense. Thnx for your kind words. And, my, but aren't you intuitive. No, I'm nowhere near you, but in college I did take Physics I & II (one of not too many girls way back then!). When it comes right down it - I mean way-way down - so much relates to physics. I sometimes regret not having majored in it. (What nerds like me do for fun: But just so you know, I actually do leave my brains outside the church doors - fortunately they're still attached to the rest of me! LOL And btw, I also saw what you wrote re a possibly departing DP'er. Hope you're not going anywhere, but should you ever, please do contact me! Aint no word in Sioux for goodbye. :)

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