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Comment: Santorum claims "tea party" brand (?)

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Santorum claims "tea party" brand (?)

People within the tea party hold different views on social issues. Some feel strongly one way or the other; some are ambivalent. It's true that, for many in the tea party, when push came to shove, social issues trumped small government/fiscal issues - drawing them to Santorum for his hard-line anti-abortion stance and imo perhaps wanting to support a fellow Catholic. But, nationally, those people are NOT the majority within the tea party - or Santorum would have done a lot better. That he claims to represent the tea party is laughable.

"Left-leaning pundits are anxious to dismiss the tea party as the same old religious right. But the evidence shows they are wrong. Functionally libertarian candidates who focus on fiscal, not social, issues increasingly unite the tea party in primaries and then win general election voters concerned about the economy."


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