Comment: Age: 22From: Palo Alto,

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Age: 22From: Palo Alto,

Age: 22
From: Palo Alto, California
Do: Studying law
Political history: Voted for the Republican nominee in all congressional elections on both the state and federal level. Voted for McCain/Palin for president in 2008, and McCain in the primaries. Used to be a moderate pro-life Republican with some libertarian leanings (Huntsman Republican maybe? I sorta liked that guy), gradually drifted further right wing over the last year. Will most likely vote for Gary Johnson this year if Romney doesn't make any attempts to appeal to libertarians.
Ron Paul: Saw him in the November 2012 debates. He, Johnson, Huntsman, Cain and Perry impressed me. As the rest dropped out, the choice became very easy.

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