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Maybe delusional...

... pertains to you. A vote for Johnson in November has little to do with a third party. It is a credible alternative to sitting on the sideline. It has everything to do with showing the strength of the anti-establishment vote, that is, the 101 million voters who rejected the lesser-of-two-evils in 2008 - the majority vote.

Besides, just because third parties were easily marginalized in the past, this might not be so in the future. The internet is eating away at lame-stream media's dominance. The playing field is being leveled. The power of the establishment is being eroded.

If you want to change the GOP from within, good luck. It might be the biggest act of delusion ever, but I sincerely hope you succeed. Again, past is no prelude, but those who wanted to change the GOP from withing eventually succeeded in getting Reagan elected to the White House. The Politburo closed ranks and as punishment we were rewarded with Bush-Dole-Bush-McCain-Romney.

The past predicts that success in changing the party is fleeting. The Religious Right has had some success in infiltrating the party and this played into the hands of the neo-cons. They could now rely on the Religious Right's support and promotion of their foreign wars.

My attempt at changing the party from within was to attend my county convention, got elected as an alternate and wasted three days of my life at the state convention. I've never had a more depressing experience, being totally outnumbered by the war-vangelicals who invoked God's name and support at every turn. I'm zealous for the cause, but my zeal can't match the thousands of war-vangelcials who rally behind their pastors' call to go and change the party from within. Their motivation is that they are doing God's work, and nothing more powerful than a religious conviction. Anyway, good luck, keep me abreast of your progress.

So, separate your love, devotion and loyalty to the Party and the need to change it from within, from the opportunity to vote for Gary Johnson and stick it to the establishment. A poor showing by Johnson will make your task to convince the establishment that they should embrace liberty and fiscal conservatism much more difficult.

You can vote for Johnson and continue your efforts to change the party from within. As pointed above a credible showing by Johnson in November would greatly enhance your chances of getting the establishment's attention.

Plano TX