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Dear Mr. Ed

If your best attack is a unsubstantiated smear against me and my character, shame on you.

There was nothing petty about being a retailer forced to be the tax collector for my State. It sucked and it was only 6%. Add 23% to that and make it a federal issue. That's not petty and it is anything but Fair or Constitutional.

"he will come around to our position, if he is not already there." Empty promise.

The Koch Brothers run Cato and fund Reason Mag. They threw the founder of Cato out and absconded with his stock. Apparently GJ never heard of Murray Rothbard either. At least he acted that way in his interview with Bob Wenzel.

Ross Perot got over 15%, that was as successful at changing the world as GJ will be.

Theodore Roosevelt got a huge percentage in 1916, that changed the world or the two party system?

Your claims lacks historical precedence.

why not work towards helping Johnson to put a stick in the eye of the establishment? Hahaha you are pretending that the establishment cares how 15% vote.

Well, when you get done with wallowing in your own thoughts and hopes. Do some research. I did and shared what I found.

The road to liberty involves replacing oathbreakers who end up in Congress.

After Tampa, I may give GJ another look see. Either way Congress and local government are the key, not the Oval Office.

Free includes debt-free!