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The reason it is...

.. so difficult to persuade people to vote for Ron Paul is because some of his supporter are such ideologues. When they have no rational debate to offer they resort to name calling.

I have a lot of respect for Matt Larson, but anyone who says writing Ron Paul's name in (not sure how I do it with my precinct's voting machines) would be a blow to the establishment and advance our cause, must provide some substantive arguments. For example, writing in Ron Paul's name (in the few places where this might be possible) would lead to these write ins being counted and then discussed in the national media. It would be hyped as a huge threat to the establishment. It would receive national attention and be the talking point for months to come.

On the other hand, Larson et al must negate the argument that a 15% showing for Johnson in November would shake up the politcal landscape and remain a point of discussion long after the election. After Ross Perot got 18% of the vote, Congress balanced the budget.

"No thanks Sleuth51, I don't feed Trolls," means "Sorry, I don't have the intellectual wherewithal to make a rational case for my position."

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