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Surely, you don't believe...

... this?:

"Difusing the rEVOLution is GJ's mission. GJ is for those who didn't do what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. They talk against MSM, but use MSM taking points as their reason why they will not join the GOP or become GOP delegates for Ron Paul." (by the way, i was an alternate at my state convention, In 2007/2008, I ran my own Ron Paul meet up group)

GJ's mission is to push a non-statist agenda: Bring the troops home, balance the budget and end the war on drugs. To characterize it as anything else is just pure malice.

You have an opportunity to vote for two statists or an anti-statist, and we're arguing about why we should either sit on the sideline (a write in suggestion is beyond belief) or vote for the anti-statist.

101 million voters did not vote for the lesser-of-two-evil candidates in 2008. This time round, Gary Johnson offers them a credible alternative.

Here's my prediction: if Ron Paul is not the nominee, he will endorse Gary Johnson. He endorsed the third party candidates in 2008, why won't he do it this time round?

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