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Correct me if I am wrong

From some quick research on Google I did, I thought that we get dividends from becoming a shareholder depositor in a credit union from the shared profits vs just a poor sap depositing his cash in a commercial bank that is operating for its own profits that we don't ever see returning to us.

Also I thought the credit unions are more limited and cautious in its own investing locally with minimal or no adventurous ventures overseas like the big banks. So the unions don't have FDIC but national credit union shared insurance funds for deposit insurance.
It is true that due to legal tender laws, we are stuck with the Fed reserve notes even in the credit union accounts but we can't help it on that account unless we have parallel currencies.

Anyways, It is wise to diversify your assets anyways and stop taking any loans out period to dry up the credit pool in general. And also educate friends and family on these very important points. I am doing that now as we speak as long as they listen but I warn you most will call you crazy at first. Their blind trust in the Fed note and the banks is astounding!