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Kim ;-)))Please read: The

Kim ;-)))
Please read: The Creature From Jekyll Island.
Freedom ain't Free! It takes Diligence.

Please read: The Road To Serfdom
By F. A. Hayek
Opened my eyes! They count on us being Dumbasses.

America is not the America U think you know?
Sorry made me sick for two days when i found out, Everything I Thought i knew was a LIE!
And hell i have a cousin thats a Commie( Card carrying) lawyer, that works for the UAW.Retired Sort of.
Now a Minister in a big CHI-Town Church. They are using churches.
Could go on but, it's just to much!
So i did not fall off the cabbage truck yesterday.
BUT its worse than i Ever would have thought!;-((
Hope to GOD we are not to late to save the Free WORLD!
Pity them poor bastards in Africa!
Look up African land grab.