Comment: No Worries, Good Idea!

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No Worries, Good Idea!

I can see your article is being treated like the Plague! haha!

But your creative thoughts are why freedom can not be held down for long.

I think this is a good idea, and one to weigh and promote;

With 3-D plastics fabrication being developed and plastics strength capable of providing both stock, clip, barrel and projectiles of all types.

I think creating a single group and or a single design is "self defeating" however because your group and design will be targeted Day One.

...and is probably why others have not joined this thread:)

That's OK, and probably good that they read your idea and NOT respond,...they will be one of those "undetected and feared" "LONE WOLFS" that keep the people that want to suppress freedom in their place.

What is needed is talented individuals working on their "own" which is ideal, or very tight knit groups; information simply "dropped" online, our passed about on a flash drives or CDs.

Weapons designs are easily available in old and new dictionaries, collections (which parts can be scanned), and other online sources. Weapons need not be limited to rifles. So, getting designs are easy.

New technology is not the only way to provide arms or means of defense and offense for an so called unarmed populous.

Creating arms barrels from automotive axle steel and a homemade lathe, or a flat bolted frame, Bombs & barrels from pipes, Oxygen explosives (yes, liquid oxygen was used regularly as a explosive just like dynamite - it evaporates quickly though, so that needs to be considered). The First German rockets were propelled with gasoline and other fuels with oxygen... So now you have rocket fuel, like to weld? You can acquire any assortment of gasses for any number of uses. Air pressure itself is also a "propellant".

But modern "Arms" of all types can also be acquired by the enemy by "trapping" them and taking "theirs", or lifted from them when they get careless... Human Nature is predictable...

And you do not need internet for simple local defense or operations;

You can signal your neighbor by putting a bucket on one side of the porch or the other; or at a certain time of day; a light on in a room at a certain time... A short static code on a old radio can be used as a signal or predetermined code known by only two persons.

A small light that is well inside the house that can only be viewed in one small direction can easily convey a message over many miles.

You can acquire the enemies radio as well.

During WW2 French resistance was very affective;

Escapes and tunneling for escaping were accomplished under the most watchful eye of a Nazi prison camp. The same stealth can be used in offense; The enemy has to sleep sometime; search for their vulnerabilities, both as individuals and "THEM"...

During the Revolutionary War, we won by learning from our Indian enemies, we shot the British from behind trees, we shot their highest ranking soldiers in the field and Off the field...; In Vietnam we learned trap methods, and now we are learning from IRAQ, IRAN and Afghanistan and the Trade Center that "Cell" fighting tactics and constant realigning with other peoples (as we did also in the Revolutionary war with the French and the Indians) can hold at bay the might of the United States armed forces and United Nations combined. We are now mired down in a religion fed "FEUD" that can never be won, They will simply WALK BACK IN WHEN WE DO LEAVE!!!

So, No Worries!!! Educate "yourself(s)". Be prepared; Get Creative! Design defense with easily acquired normal items, easily assembled and disassembled to look as ordinary as harmless as they first were....

Keep them guessing...


On the Political Side, some strategy can be established by Propaganda; Using one power faction against the others.

Weaken the enemy and strengthen people's freedoms by educating those that will listen to Common Law and Constitutional Principles of Liberty and Property;

For that, read these 4 documents:

Also take a look at Republics and Representation, and the need for smaller stronger republics.

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.