Comment: I hope many people join you in this

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I hope many people join you in this

Television is nothing but bad. I am always so happy when my 2 year old daughter calls Thomas the train "choo-choo" or Elmo "red bear" when someone shows her tv things (her 2 year old cousin knows all the trains by name and wants everything associated with it--he has a tv in his house). I enjoy that people think we're strange because my daughter doesn't know or care about these things. I, unlike them, can walk through a toy isle or grocery store without being begged for some tv character or foodstuff. And beyond that, the programming isn't happening to her. She is learning to be human from humans and hasn't been warped by seeing endless violence, sex and destruction. I can only ever hope to overcome my own programming, but I can give my daughter the gift of not getting it in the first place.

I wish everyone who claims to be awake would see that the main instrument of destruction in our society has been the television and take appropriate action. I really don't care how much money the media gets or doesn't get, I care that a culture of consumerism and death is portrayed and delivered to impressionable minds as reality and as a result becomes reality. We feed our children a steady diet of violence and turmoil and then wonder why they feel depressed or become violent or fear the world around them.

Folks, don't just cancel your cable. Throw the tv in the trash and be done with it. You and your family will be much happier and the world of tv will become more and more distant.