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We know

that RP has the delegates and Mittens does not. It's a myth that mittens has 1550 delegates... yeah in his dreams.
That's all I'm saying. I know the numbers but am not telegraphing it. I said I can do math.
So help get the delegates to Tampa. The doc said to suit up and show up. Donate to the delegates. Time is running out. $3 bucks? 1,000 people give $3 that's 3,000. $3. You can not eat mickey D's dog food for one day and donate to a worthy cause.

Now you know why mittens and his thugs are stripping the RP delegates. Now you know..... you just don't know the numbers cause no one is telegraphing it.......and RP will parrot whatever count the enemdia says. LOL

Keepin' it real.