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When you get the mitt delegates attention, show them the U Tube of Mitt at the HUGE ball field with 100 people in attendance and 75 were his campaign workers. THEN show them that great you tube of RP in every state rally as the number of attendees pop up on the screen upwards of 10k PLUS overflow into the parking lot.. The truth shall set you free. RP is the choice of voters all over the planet. Hillary and obama combined did not get this amount of people at their rallies including overflow count. Hillary averaged 4500 and nobama got as little as 350 people in Oregon counties until he hired a known band and gave away hot dogs and beer with the music. But he usually got about the same as Hillary at his rally's where there were no freebies. 3500 to 5,000 on a good day. No one has gotten RP's numbers at rally's as long as I can remember. That says alot. Little shadow groups want mitt only to bump nobama. They couldn't care any less about mitt.

Keepin' it real.