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stfu tard, you sound like a MORON.

Do you even understand what Reagan had to go through to get the nomination? They held him down and out, called him hollywood liberal, the est and corporate media came down like a hammer on him and he still spanked them, and Reagan wasnt half the man OR politician Paul is, and Reagan HAD no record. Pauls record and hands are SPOTLESS and cant be directly challenged.
Do you even know how many decades Ron Paul has been slapping the establishment in their faces and delivering election win after election win in our district??? which happens to sit right next door to neocon Tom DeLays district, outside of Houston. Speaker Newt had the entire Texas Republican delegation endorse Pauls republican opponent one year,and THEY ALL DID... and Paul STILL won! lol Embarrassed them and shut them up for a FULL decade.
Paul takes from ALL sides and BOTH parties. and hes as cunning as they come and a MIZER to them! He drives THEM crazy, libtard, and has been worth every dime we have sent. People have been watching one of Pauls finest episodes and what A SHOW he puts on!!!

They've had dems jump ship here and join them to help them unseat him, and they FAIL every time!!! Ask delay, rove, Gonzales, harris, Newt and duhbya what a spanking from Paul feels like- they can tell you- Im SURE they remember all of them.
They have tried every dirty trick in the book against him and not only does Ron win, he does so winning MORE of the vote spending LESS money then the election before. Just like we expect of our true conservative which is a winning strategy and they are liberals.
Do some research on Dr. Paul and the can of whip a$$ he has been opening on establishment neocons for DECADES before you open your big trap.
You dont know WTF youre talking about libtard.

LOOK AT Dr. Pauls RECORD $hithead, and learn something about a WINNER

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016