Comment: Ron Paul Gallant And Brave

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Ron Paul Gallant And Brave

I don't like to get caught in this sort of argument. It's quite clear that the GOP is as much an enemy as is Obama. No difference. The reason being that they are both caught and bought by the same cheating, murdering banksters and shysters. It's not that there may possibly be some small difference here or there. It's that when push comes to shove their polices, via their paymasters, HAVE to be identical.

Ron Paul has put in a gallant, intelligent, indeed very brave, effort to change this - probably the best since JFK or better. He has identified what is wrong, where it is wrong and shown us what we might be able to do about it. But it really is going to take a revolution to turn the ignorant masses. One may be here one sooner than we think - I hope we get it right after that.