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Comment: NYC sucks

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NYC sucks

I went to school in the city and used to love going into the city to enjoy all the action. About 2 years ago,I asked a cop for directions. Before I knew it, he accused me of having a bag between my legs (obviously didnt) and threw me out of my car. He then demanded a breathalyzer, which he did twice on site..i never got the results of them, but before you know it i was thrown into a paddy wagon with about 6 other person was arrested bc his car smelled like "weed" but there was nothing to be found. I wound up testing .10, the old legal limit..i later found out that while u r waiting to get to the dept to have the official breathlyzer, your BAC goes up up up...meaning when i was pulled over i probably wasnt at .10..

secondly, what happens after that is atrocious..they lock u up in a basement bout 30 per cell and u wait to see a judge..there were people waiting for days and some were in for sleeping on park bench, etc...NYC is out of control..they took my car 60 miles away to long island..they told me that the car was theirs (mind u due process please) and the only way i could get it was if i got a lawyer..ny then forces u 2 pay to go to AA type class..mind u i drink like 1 every 3 months...costs me 6000 dollars total with lawyer fees, tickets, towing, a kangaroo court..i do not go to nyc..nor will i pay 750 to restore my driving privledges in nyc...You can have your big lights and big city..its a police state!