Comment: Also done with the false dichotomy

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Also done with the false dichotomy


That's my record. I was moving from Arkansas to Michigan in November 1992, so I escaped voting for Clinton, which I probably would have done at the time. The only time I remember being really enthused was Bush 2004. I had bought his lies hook, line, and sinker. I was ripe for the Arab bogeyman lie, because I had taught at a Muslim school and saw how much they hate America. Now, of course, I see that they may have had some good reasons for their hatred.

I think having already switched from Left to Right made me more reluctant to give up the Right as being "right". Gosh, what if
neither one of them are correct? Then we are really in trouble!

My mom told me this morning that Romney had selected Ron Paul as his VP. I told her that may be the only thing that would get me to vote for Romney. Then when I discovered that it was her hearing loss and not reality that resulted in this report, I am now firmly in the "none of the above" camp.