Comment: I'm in my second year of dental school

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I'm in my second year of dental school

It took countless hours of studying chemistry to get this far. I love medicinal chemistry. I am not really a lab rat and do not enjoy writing academic papers otherwise I probably would have been a medicinal chemist/pharmacologist.

But when you talk about configuration, I was implying it. Chiralty, stereochemistry, geometric isomerism, are all a part of molecules being identical. All of these characteristics can be achieved synthetically. This is why there is no inherent difference between a "natural" and "sythetic molecule." Please read some of the other posts I have responded to in this thread.

You and I are usually on the same page, but not with MK-Ultra. MK-Ultra was a massive and embarrassing failure for our government because they realized they could not brainwash people with tryptamines and phenethylamines (the primary psychotropic families). I have taken many of the so called brainwashing drugs for fun and I assure you that the make you more aware of your surroundings and of the absurdities of life. Some of the drugs in those 2 families are awful (and can do things like cause seizures) but they can't be used for brainwashing. This is the reason why our government abandoned the project 60 years ago and declassified the information.

I was getting into it with a bunch of Infowarriors about scopolamine. Our government didn't even bother to make scopolamine illegal. lol. If it was a powerful chemical that can be used for mind control believe me it would be illegal. I actually stopped listening to Alex Jones because of the whole drug issue. He is so uninformed but so arrogant about psychotropics that I laugh at him now and can't take him seriously. He just repeates pseudoscience and urban legends ad presents them as fact of a massive conspiracy. It's too bad, as I think he makes very good points on other issues. But how can I know for sure?