Comment: Romney will never get this Paultard's vote

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Romney will never get this Paultard's vote

I don't know if Obama will win, or if Romney will be the GOP's nominee, But I can absolutely tell you with 100% confidence that I will NEVER be voting for either of them.
I will only vote for Ron Paul in 2012, just like I did in 2008.
Even if I must write his name on the ballot.
If Ron Paul does not win, then the country will never be the same again. Given the current financial situation, imbalance of trade, dependence on middle east oil, the entitlement state of the nation, endless wars, and the growing deficits...I am sure that the next four years will likely end in some sort of Global Financial meltdown.
I wish I were wrong, but that's just how I feel, especially if Dr. Paul is not our next President.
Vote Ron Paul for Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.
Hey Paul Ryan...That's called standing on your principles.