Comment: IF Romney/Ryan wins,

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IF Romney/Ryan wins,

then there's one perk for my husband and I - Paul Ryan won't be our Congressman anymore! Yeah!!! We are Constitutionalists and decided we would not be voting for him again after his horrendous voting record. It doesn't matter what we're passionate about - he will vote the opposite. He voted TWICE FOR NDAA Section 1021, even though his District 1 AND Wisconsin is against NDAA Section 1021. He voted FOR CISPA. He was AGAINST Audit the Fed and at the last moment when he know it would pass, decided to jump on board. Sorry, but with his full-scale dragging district 1, kicking and screaming to tyranny, we'd be only too glad to get rid of him!

Of course if we're rid of him here, everyone in America will have him - but a VP doesn't do much anyway, so hopefully he'll do less harm as VP than he's been doing as a Congressman. Who cares about his shallow Roadmap? That does't make him worthy to take the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States when he can't even do it with the Wisconsin Constitution nor his own Congressional District 1!!!!!!