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Good answer

Gary Johnson shows humility. Barack Obama never did. That's the difference. That's also why I didn't like Bob Barr last time. Gary Johnson is humble and seeks the truth. He's starting out a little lost like the rest of us, but he still has some learning to do.

I might have an answer for the OP, though. Maybe it's because so many people here still think that this website is "The Daily Ron Paul". It's not, of course. It's "The Daily P AU L". Alternatively, we may have found these forums have become a romping ground for frustrated inter-netters and no longer for the liberty-minded folk. In any case, the OP has a good question.

Oh, and nothappy, I -1'd you, just 'cause the rating system is bogus. (-: I think that having a large negative number gets more people to look at what you wrote than a large positive number.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.