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Good analysis

Yeah, I agree with you. The power of those drugs are over stated by the conspiracy guys. I tend to affiliate with them. This issue is stretching it a bit imo. Can a duped patsy be drugged and disoriented (like having no sleep) and be a fall guy? Yeah I believe it. I do not put anything above this government.

Likewise drugs that 'get rid of your will' I think are a bit ridiculous as you have stated. Will is not overridden in how I view things, you are just so mentally depleted that when the cops come to get you you basically fall down have a seizure with planted weapons. The cops automatically assume guilt. I think that is what happened to the Aurora shooter.

Plant a bunch of explosives on you and keep you highly sedated so you cannot defend yourself. You saw the court room where he could barely stay awake. He cannot defend himself.

You could argue either way imo, and I still respect you. Others on here are not so respectful. I tend to keep an open mind about things. Sometimes mainstream answers are the right answer. I readily admit this.

Alex is wrong sometimes. Doesn't mean I stop listening to him. I just turn off the stream or radio when he is ranting about something I do not care for. I could not listen to him for a week after he let Tarpley have an hour long rant against Austrian Economics after Rand's so called 'defection'. He was emotionally hurt, and Tarpley seized the moment to slander us.

Also, your last sentence is a logical fallacy. That is called poisoning the well. Just letting you know to sharpen your arguing skills. Either that, or your are being awesomely sarcastic toward the anti-Rand people on here.

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