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"a revolution to turn the ignorant masses"

You do know that John Adams also pointed out that before the fighting dubbed the American Revolution, that the American revolution had already occurred meaning that the minds of enough of the Colonists had changed to seeing themselves as seeking independence rather than seeking reconciliation with King George and the Empire.

Statism has many heads like the mythical hydra of ancient times. Our children study the beliefs, which were taught to the children of Ancient Greece not as myth but as truth, as Greek Mythology.

There is a prevalent body of ideas in America which has given rise to and continues to support many of the policies which we as defenders of individual liberty oppose.

In October on the 12th a movie will be in the theaters entitled Atlas Shrugged part two, which comes from the book written by a woman who lived in Russia when the Bolsheviks took over the country and imposed communism there which ultimately failed. She valued individual freedom and managed to flee to America where she wrote three major novels all dramatizing the supreme value of an individual human life.

Man's Life on earth is Ayn Rand's moral standard and we will never be truly free until enough of us embrace a philosophy which is consistent with that idea and rejects the notion and premise that Man is a sacrificial animal who may be sacrificed for the benefit of whatever society deems fit.

Man does need a philosophy which is rational and provides him or her with a comprehensive, integrated view of existence and it just what Ayn Rand needed in order to create the heroic characters she wrote about in her novels. You see she encountered heroic characters in literature when she was a child and it so impressed her that she chose to become a writer to come close to living in a world inhabited by such men and women.

But she found that the prevailing wisdom and the prevailing theology or philosophy with its contention that man is evil by nature, that he is not able to know, that his mind is inadequate to deal with reality which is beyond his comprehension and that he must be willing to sacrifice himself or herself to fulfill the needs of all comers, was not her conception of a heroic being.

So she had to discover or create a philosophy which does fit with Man's true nature and with his potential to become a heroic being. Heroism has to do with being loyal to one's values and the question is just what values does it make sense to be loyal to.

One must be willing to check ones premises as Ayn Rand's heroic characters advise you will see. There are no contradictions in the universe which is a restatement of the Law of Identity. Man is man and his identity requires a certain political system just as his body requires certain nutrients. The Founders came close given their knowledge at the time. A limited Constitutional Republic would be correct except its maintenance requires that the populace follow it and understand its limits.

Instead those who sought powers not granted found ways to sneak them in, to contort and misconstrue the limited powers granted to include the unconstitutional powers which would benefit some at the expense of others.

Alexander Hamilton was impressed with the British Empire and although he fought the British with George Washington in command of a battery of cannon, he wanted to establish a monarchy in America. He told Washington after he was chosen to be the first Secretary of the Treasury that "we need a central bank" and responded to Washington's "that is not a power that was granted to us" by saying "it is an implied power."

The form of government we have has not failed because it is the wrong kind of government rather it is failing because the people do not understand what they had and what they have a right to expect of it.
Ron Paul has said the country is bankrupt and how much longer can it go on borrowing more and more to pay its bills and fulfill its promises to the electorate. The Fed will print the money in the way it does by buying US Treasury Bonds, BIlls and Notes and at some point they will be the only one buying them because everyone will know the USA cannot meet its payroll.

Depending on who is in power at the time the country will be at a crossroads and we might end up living in a totalitarian dictatorship by some other name or find our way back to solvency after a period of hyperinflationary depression.

The outcome will depend on the understanding of the populace and I am hoping enough of them see the movie and read the books.

"Today, when a concerted effort is made to obliterate this point, it cannot be repeated too often that the Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals- that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the