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Very Possible

If there was a record of your birth you should be able to acquire a copy of it very easily.
Just do an Ixquick (online search engine) search for "record of live birth" and your state - I believe it's also called a long form birth record. Do not get it mixed up with a certificate of birth (i.e. a birth certificate) that's the thing that gets you into the mess to begin with.

It should be as easy getting the copy in Colorado as it is any other state.

I was also thinking that even the record of birth is unneeded, if someone is getting you mixed up with a strawman then that means they got the wrong person. As long as you do not sign any agreements and verbally consent to anything (do not say "yes" to any authority, even if they say "do you understand?") then you should be good with the law (remember the 5th amendment means you have the right to stay silent; silence is not agreement!) - YOU ARE A FREE HUMAN WITH INALIENABLE RIGHTS WITH OR WITHOUT A COPY OF YOUR RECORD OF BIRTH! Just by existing and living you have great authority over all injustice!