Comment: Thanks for trusting me.

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Thanks for trusting me.

No, I can't explain why those ideas are nutty because I don't believe that they are. I believe every human being is highly intelligent, they just have to set their mind free. Free of all the restrains put on us by today's society. I believe every man and woman can make their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions, and something engraved in our brain tells us there's more joy in being good than in being evil. So as long as that individual makes his or her own decisions with good intentions, and gets positive or negative results, he or she should hold themselves accountable for their own actions. I'm pretty sure if people were faced with a reality, that if making a bad decision could mean the difference between life or death, more people would be prone to not make bad decisions. Yes, I occasionally smoke cannabis and cannabis only, and if one day I realize that my occasional use becomes habitual and interferes with my enjoyment of life or the life of those around me, I know 100% that it is time to move on an another direction for the better. Thanks for your post and for your great essay. With your permission I would like to copy and share.