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I'm coming at you with a more different point of view

In this type of economy, who the hell wants to move out? The American viewpoint is that the person should move out by the age of 18 and if not, they are either weird or some kind of geeky weirdo. I do not buy that. Different ethnic group see things differently. In fact, in the latino culture, parents would rather have you at home while the White Americans prefer the kids to live home and "make their own life." That's just a fact. My opinion is if you are going to help your parents financially like helping pay the bills and stuff then i am fine with it. I personally have seen my mother fight to try to help me and when i graduate in December, i hope to find a job where i can help her just like she helped me. I can never repay her for how she has raised me and helped me. Hope this helps.PS. Probably 75% chance that I will move out of the house by next year since Rehabilitation Counseling positions are not open in my immediate area.