Comment: Another half-wit...

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Another half-wit...

... planted by the GOP Politburo to denigrate and instigate dissension.

"But we have the "libertarians" who did nothing to help Ron Paul during the primaries."

Clueless, unsubstantiated comment. Nobody more Libertarian than the Judge and Stossel. As for us in the trenches, we don't care much for labels, we just do the task at hand. Ron Paul's biography was written by a Libertarian. (Reason magazine could have done more - which is why I cancelled my subscription - but seeing the anti-Johnson comments here on Daily Paul, perhaps they did too much.)

All I know, after three indeterminable days of agony at my state's convention, I came to the conclusion that the GOP is a crock of horse poop, not to mention their treatment by the Politburo of Ron Paul and his supporters.

Plano TX