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You obviously forgot to look at both sides of the coin

While it is possible that silver is undervalued, it is equally possible for gold to be extremely overvalued. The OP is investing in silver under the assumption that it will continue to go up. But if you look at historical data, the values of both gold and silver are at all time highs. And while it is possible that they could continue to rise (if the economy tanks again or if the monetary base continues to expand exponentially), it is also possible for the price of gold to return to historic norms and cause silver to either fall or remain the same.

To the OP, silver should not be your only investment. That is absolutely insane. It is important to have some of your savings in metals to protect against tail risk, but having all of it in one commodity is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. The reason RP says to invest in silver is because it is a real asset with real value. Stocks are not real commodities, their value is based on speculation and could evaporate overnight. OP, if you have enough money to buy your own home, I would recommend doing so. Real estate may not have bottomed out yet, but it is getting pretty close. If you put your money into a home, you will still have the benefit of storing your savings in a real asset, and you will also be able to use that asset while it retains its value.