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Because people who up vote your nonsense are morons like you who still think Ron Paul is going to be the GOP nominee this year. Ron Paul has acknowledged that he very likely will not be, and has asked his supporters to continue the fight. But instead of listening, you and freaks like you are somehow convinced that there will be a massive upset out of nowhere at the GOP's own convention where RP will magically be awarded the nomination and everyone will cheer then live happily ever after. It's people like you who give our movement a bad name and make us all look like a bunch of psycho freaks. You don't make any sense, you were never taught the proper use of the "enter" button, and you sit here calling me a tard when your grammar/spelling is worse than a 2nd grade special ed student. Go beat off to Alex Jones and fantasize about riding to Neverland in a UFO, you fucking freak.