Comment: I understand your frustration.

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I understand your frustration.

However, with knowledge of who owns our country's government officials and the fact that we don't REALLY have a voice that matters as citizens of this country, I don't think it was ever Ron Paul's intentions to try to win the nomination. I feel his goal was to educate people and revive the spirit of Liberty back into us to a tipping point of no return. This country will not be fixed by one person. If he does win, he's going to be suicides by the powers that be. And I don't think it would be too far of a stretch to assume that someone has already warned/threatened him or his families' lives. I don't know what to make of everything. I'm fairly new to the revolution and reality. However, I understand that it's about spreading awareness and waking people up. If you can't stick with and trust Ron Paul and the campaign, that's your right. But don't ever give up on the R3volution, which has never been about one man saving this country. But an information war, activism, and taking over from the bottom up to restore liberty and the constitution and getting liberty minded candidates into the house and senate who will uphold heir oaths and represet us once again.