Comment: True Paulers are Founding Members of the Do It Now Club!

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True Paulers are Founding Members of the Do It Now Club!

The Internet is a God-given freedom gift and we must use it for the best route of our country! With it, we should give no thought to the self-defeating behavior of the "presumed" NRP.(That last one was a joke, son! - a spoof at the NRP, for breaking its own rules, as in anointing Mitt Romney the "presumed".)

One of the smaller dragons in our way is the fact that one cannot embarrass either a dangerous crime syndicate nor a lone sociapath. They just don't embarrass! Thousands of these have been grabbing dictatorship roles since the beginning of time, while innocents are transformed into helpless serfs, wondering what happened. This condition is said to be genetic but is well-disguised by the hazardous person, who, as early as childhood recognizes those like himself.

The above are thoughts from an article on the well-known site, Lew I also learned about difficult nuts to crack from my years of letter writing for Amnesty, International: that one cannot "embarrass" a dictator, but thousands of letters can render him/her extremely shakey, to himself and his supporters.

There are cliques in the US, who, woosey-happy-drunk with fiat money and idiot-box power, tell lies to themselves: that any God-given conscience is just a pesky time-waster of, say, the NRP/MSM's own magical powers.

IMHO, a better plan would be to place energies on spreading Ron Paul's "prescription" for as far as the eye can see. In Sunday School, you may have memorized "Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good." I believe Dr. and Mrs. Paul carry this teaching deep in their hearts! If you are a Standing Firm, with a "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" (forgive French ~ this is a quote and there is no better way to say it) Ron Pauler, and employ the founders' values of work and prayer, Dr. Paul will prevail and become President Paul in January, 2013!

The time is now! Do not believe baby steps are not effective! Your comic relief is Dr. Paul's delegates will do well to be be clothed as clones of June and Ward Cleaver. If that's what it takes for RP moles with a mission hanging out among the Romneyites, who may arrive with bags of money and faux or misinformed innocence, it's the territory. We know Dr. Paul is consistent! We know Dr. Paul is accurate and stubborn! God bless all accurate, stubborn people!

Easy to say from my present Texas airconditioned splendor: but, stay cool in Tampa! RON PAUL 2012!

Mary 4 RP