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Thanks, California BTW! Spread the word!

Raised in San Antonio, I left my home for Calfornia with a former husband, against my own better judgment. On to the Democrat story: I then married, for 40 years, until he went to Heaven, a wonderful stepfather to my children, who grew up in the dust bowl,and was able to survive because, he thought, of Roosevelt's New Deal (later this turned out to be a giant farce.) Transferring from the Bush frying pan into Obama's smoothtalking fire of an end to Gitmo, preemptive wars, warrantless spying on Americans, was a walk in the park or so I thought.

I became a Democrat, although my father had been the Bexar County Republican Chairman and I had my first delegate experience - with the "ex" - at the Dallas Convention in 1952. When Eisenhower was elected, Texas became a two-party state, with never a smidgen of Republicanism before!

Note: As a delegate to Ft. Worth this spring, I observed the party leadership was controlled by Neo-cons, a sad day for freedom of discourse, the media, assembly and human rights. Enuff! What next should we all do?

When Ron Paul came to my light bulb through the efforts of my son, I became a Republican, just to support Dr. Paul. Metaphor: When Brooks Brothers was owned by Brooks Brothers, the men's suits were custom-tailored and stunning. Then, these gifted tailors died and the company was auctioned off to the highest bidder. (That last was an ancient Chinese Metaphor which I made up, myself). All change is not progress but change is necessary when the floor gives way!

Keep perking in California, BTW! Keep your good work up for Dr. Paul in the beautiful Golden State! RON PAUL - 2012!

Mary 4 RP