Comment: In logic there is something called begging the question.

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In logic there is something called begging the question.

Begging the Question is a fallacy in which the premises include the claim that the conclusion is true or (directly or indirectly) assume that the conclusion is true.

The question asked is, "How did the universe get here?" Your answer is it got here because a god created it and the proof is the universe got here. You begged the question. You ignore other possibilities, each of which could be proved by your method of reasoning. One could say the universe was created by little waves, invisible spirits, or invisible butterflies and the proof is that we got here.

You site as proof that most people who had no evidence other than their own existence, reached the conclusion that some super father or mother created it all. They created this thought with their minds lacking evidence. They just knew they were here and didn't have a clue why, so invented something that was acceptable to their minds and its limited understanding of the world. The fact that man's mind has the capability to ponder this question, and the comfort brought by having an answer, any answer, for most people is why they invent or accept an answer. Do you think that dogs, with the limited capacity to think, have invented a god that created them in his image?

As far as you scoffing at the ability of complex structures to have evolved over time, I point out that the time for such complexity to have evolved has been immense. Life itself is self replication. Its electrical and chemical. At a very primitive level it is simply random chemical compounds with the ability to attract additional chemicals until the structure becomes large enough for it to break apart with the pieces then attracting additional chemicals ad infinitum. Just one small accident in replication and something slightly different is formed; some with advantage in replicating, some with disadvantage in replicating. Branching out becomes possible and environmental changes select new winners and losers. Life moves from the simple to the more complex along with the successful less complex arrangements continuing to exist.

There is no need, except to justify one's faith based belief system, to attribute any plan or design by some mythical creature. The evolution of the simple chemicals of the early universe into the more complex forms produced by the succeeding generations of stars and the aggregation of some of these chemicals into simple life forms to my mind is a much more beautiful, more understandable story than to think that some sometimes condemning, sometimes forgiving, thinking, planning creature decided to wave his magic wand and create everything.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.